In order to serve you delicious fresh oysters that are healthy and safe, we practice very strict purchasing and food management methods.

Our Approach with Producers

For our patrons to enjoy delicious oysters that are safe, we serve only the carefully selected oysters after we conduct inspections of our producers, the water qualities of their marine aquaculture, facilities, etc., including their management standards.

Also prior to shipment, all the oysters are elutriated in UV sterile seawater for a minimum of 18 hours.

The inspections are conducted for general bacteria, E. Coli by the most probable number (MPN) method and Norovirus at least once a month.

Quality Standards

We only offer the oysters that meet our own established standards which are far more stringent than the standards for edible raw oyster constituents specified by the Food Sanitation Law of the Ministry of Health.

Moreover, we have developed our original sampling technique based on the Food Sanitation Law to conduct monthly inspections of general bacteria and E. coli by the MPN method.

  • General Bacteria: less than 3000/gram (less than 50000/gram Food Sanitation Law)
  • E. coli by MPN:less than 100/100gram (less than 230/100gram Food Sanitation Law)
  • Neurotoxic Shellfish Poison: less than 4.0 MU/gram
  • Diarrhetic Shellfish Poison: less than 0.005 MU/gram

At Our Restaurants

As well as the safety and cleanliness of the oysters we serve, we also ensure strict hygienic standards with management and our staff working in our restaurants.

We conduct monthly inspections of the E. coli by the MPN method and general bacteria on all our staff.

In addition, they are examined for Norovirus twice a month in December, January, and February.

Additional Notes

  • We only serve oysters carefully selected for eating raw. We do not serve oysters which require cooking.
  • Eating raw oysters may affect your physical condition. Persons who have experienced discomfort or poor condition in the past, who have not eaten raw oysters in a while or first timers should pay special attention.
  • Pregnant women, children, elderly or people with fatigue should refrain from eating raw oysters.
  • While oysters are very nutritious food, eating them raw may cause physical discomfort for some people. Please refrain from overeating.